Healing – The Natural Way

Healing cancer naturally is frequently and openly talked about here. Many of the staff and guests have cured themselves years ago, or have adopted elements of the diet for prevention due to a loved one who has cured it through changing their habits. Lots of them return for a top up. There are many stories. The head nurse cured stage 4 prostate cancer 14 years ago; another man metastasised liver cancer 6 years ago and some others return having sadly failed to do what they needed to do. I sat at lunch yesterday with a lady who arrived this week whose father had been told by the hospital that he had 3 months to live in 1988. He changed his lifestyle and cured his cancer and managed to live to 91½ years old. He died 4 years ago, not of cancer, but of old age! I love that story. Let’s get this detox party started!

Today, I feel so much more confident about getting through this. Last night, I was telling the chef that I was dreaming of crispy duck and red wine. I was. He said that was normal as it all comes out and I get cleaner. Loads of people, including friends who have given up booze, keep saying wait for the clarity. I am ready.

Last week was a crazy week of settling in, jet lag, busyness, learning what to do, internet problems (as no connection in the cottage), lectures, meeting who is who, and where everything is on the 50 acre estate. Thrown in was a bit of fogginess, bewilderment, letting go, exhaustion and an ear infection! You get the picture. Now things are slightly less manic, I intend to keep up my blog more. Not sure if anyone is reading them, or if they are then not many have commented, but I feel compelled to log it so it will hopefully help many others in time.

I am trying to keep to the recommended programme along with getting plenty of rest, no matter how I am feeling. To give an idea of a typical day: yesterday I was up at 6.30; Qigong at 7; meditation at 8; wheatgrass at 9 (with enema); 9.30 healing circle (with green juice delivered at 10); raw food lunch; Vit C IV therapy at 2 (I am using the San Diego money for that so I may sadly have to leave that trip out but will see what happens); raw food recipe lessons; more green juice; yoga at 5.30; dinner, 7.15; lymphatic workshop (get dry skin brushing everyone, keeps the toxins moving towards the lymph nodes and keeps them unblocked so they can filter out all the rubbish); then a swim in the hot mineral pool followed by cold plunge pool – 7 times to stimulate immune system; infrared sauna (which penetrates deep into the cells and cancer cells don’t survive heat); and finally, more wheatgrass and enema! I mean, fuffing hell, it will be full on to keep up these kinds of schedules at home when I have to make it all myself. But I will get a routine worked out. It is doable, as others have proven.

I can’t do the whole range of movements in the exercise classes yet because of my hip, even though they are gentle classes, but I do my best and stretch. It will get better in time but I have to be patient. Healing the bones takes the longest. I haven’t had to use the crutch too much and they have buggies to run us around, if needed. I am lucky to have a lovely housemate, Kim, who also has stage 4 cancer. It has spread to her spine so hinders her movements greatly. The laser treatments have increased her pain and left her in bed, unable to move. It is heart breaking to watch her in so much pain but she is a strong lady, so I am rooting for her. I decided against those treatments, as I had a similar experience in London and especially, after watching her decline.

Dr Ghen’s blood results showed my IGF1 growth hormone is way too high and feeding the cancer, my testosterone is very low, I am borderline diabetic as well as being on the border of medium to high risk of cardiovascular disease. He has prescribed many nutrients and IV therapies to correct this. I need to retest in 6 months time. Dr Ghen has an impeccable track record here (doctors all over the States send their clients to him) so I am putting my trust in him. I trust these doctors as they walk people to health rather than pain and death. Unfortunately, I still need help to achieve this.

My very dear friend Anna, who I have known since I was 18 and has seen me through all kinds of phases, is joining the team to have a turn at helping my appeal. It is not to barrage people with requests for money, but simply asking and telling the story. People will donate if they feel it is right for them at that time. Many have generously donated already, for which I am truly grateful, but I am fighting for my life here so I have got over being shy about asking. The result of that was to be lucky enough to make it here doing what feels right in my heart. The whole experience has restored my faith in humanity, which had been seriously jaded. I am off now to see an emotional healer. It’s all looking rosy.

P.S. Being English, I simply must talk about the weather. It’s cloudy today with bit of humidity. It has been changing between sunny and stormy all week and when the humidity runs high, the skies dump torrential rain, then the suns pops back out. I love the musty, tropical smell of the vegetation afterwards.

Love and Healing.


If you wish to donate then follow the link below, any contributions  or good wishes are welcome



7 thoughts on “Healing – The Natural Way

  1. I am glad u r getting this chance Sonia u deserve it it’s been a long time coming I like to read your blogs it is very interesting how u r coping and wot u have to go through kneel it up n keep us posted xx

  2. your so inspiring Sonia . Have only known you a short while but the changes in you are so amazing. Your a fighter and warrior. You journey is such an inspiration and am so pleased you are in such an amazing place with amazing people to support you. You are now creating the life you truely want and deserve, so Sonia can shine in a very special way. I know you are going to get your body in balance after all what is done can be undone. Cancer journeys show us what we are capable of who we are and what we can truely achieve. I’m so glad I am reading this today as needed to reminder of my journey too as my black hole emerged today – these things dont go away but we learn to deal with them in a better way making life easier leaving our cells happier and so in better health. Love you and look forward to our meet up. look forward to reading more xxxx

  3. Im so happy u r in good hands Sonia.
    I enjoy reading ur Blogs.
    We all need great inspiration like this……the Natural Way…..the real healing.
    Im with u here……….Xxxxx

  4. Sonia, these blogs are so informative and inspirational, keep them coming! Dr Ghen sounds exactly who you need to put your trust in, i hope the appeal raises money fast so you can take advantage of the treatments while you are there, keep up the great work, miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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