A Hippocrates summary.

Hippocrates health institute claim to have helped tens of thousands of people heal their cancer, including many at stage 4, like me. You would be forgiven for thinking most of the guests there are in tip top health. I did. But I learnt during my 3 week life transformation stay that the majority who come here have a health challenge story and the ones that stick with it also have a impressive recovery story. They have adopted a living enzyme diet to help them get well and a side effect is to look amazingly well. Here they teach you everything you need to know about focusing on your own survival by incorporating healthy eating, getting more oxygen with exercise and better air, purer water, sunshine and good rest.

The public flooded to an open day last Thursday to hear Dr Brian Clement talk. A good few of the guests and training health educators stood up and told their incredible stories: One lady who cured ovarian cancer 20 years ago, another chap cured leukaemia 6 years ago and a lady told of her father who was sent home to die of skin cancer and lived for another 20 years. It was impressive. There are also many testimonials on their website of roads to recovery.

However, the diet alone is not enough. A friend of mine was a raw foodie for 10 years and got ovarian cancer. She had an op to remove only the diseased parts. She realised she didn’t love herself and did a lot of emotional work and remains cancer free for the last 3 years. The doctors said it wouldn’t work so are dumb founded. This is a whole mind, body and spirit programme so there are many varied lectures by different professionals included in the programme. At least half, if not more, of the battle is in the head.

I had a few sessions with Andy and Antony, the camp’s healing physiologists. It is totally clear why I got cancer. The lecture on stress had 5 components, if it is constant and unrelenting for a period of time then it takes the body to the point of lowering it’s defences then disease can take over. I ticked every box more than once on both times my cancer had reared it’s ugly head. The sessions and healing circle have helped me come to terms with a lot of crap and do some needed forgiving. I realise I internalised my anger because I find aggression so ugly. But that turned it into a disabling depression. I am still a bit all over the place as emotions come up that are hard to deal with but will get there.

To heal my body I have to starve the mutant cells by cutting all the processed stuff; the sugar, carbs, meat, diary and alarmingly, even fruit because of the natural sugars. It was controversial as whether certain ones with low GI would be ok. Dr Ghen, the IV nutritional expert, said it was ok to eat berries and apple peel (not the apple). The Head nurse said ‘Yes but we found that people moved onto other high sugar fruit when we told them that, so it was best to tell them no to all fruit.’ I responded angrily “We are not 5 years old and can differentiate ourselves what is high sugar and not.’ It lost them some credibility in my eyes and requires more research.

There is a big emphasis on elimination that includes the dreaded colonics, daily enemas and wheatgrass implants; in fact you learn you can put wheatgrass anywhere to gain a benefit, in any orifice! To boost the immune system I am feeding my body the planets most nutritious food; lots of wheatgrass, sea vegetables, sprouts, green juices, nuts, seeds and vegetables. I understand most of us are so addicted to food. I am. It’s not easy. One of the girls saw a McDonalds bag stuffed into the gym bin! The tormenting cravings visit often. The gardener taught us how to grow the grass and sprouts and the chef gave encouraging kitchen techniques and raw food recipes to help with essential variety.

Exercise is a big part of any healing programme so there was various classes of Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, mediation, pilates, dance classes, kick-boxing, walks, runs. I tried all the gentle exercises as my hip is still hurting at different grades on different days. I may have overdone a few exercises so have still been hobbling with my crutch some days. On one of those evenings a band played so everyone got up to shake their stuff. I couldn’t so I shook my arms. I was the cripple in the room. I was pissed off but I have to be patient with the bones as they take a long time to heal. I am unsure of the extent of the damage the cancer has caused in those bones as the hospital have written me off as dying so have not done any further exploratory tests. I have stopped going there as it feels so negative and defeatist. I am not dying. I am healing.

The pools were the best and most relaxing part of the programme. I included a daily swim, then over to the hot mineral pool or hot jacuzzi for 15 mins followed by the cold plunge pool for 15 seconds, for a minimum of 7 times daily. The first cold plunge is hell but then the tingles get better each time. Loved it. Infra red saunas are dotted all over the grounds and 20 mins daily is the recommended minimum. It heats the body from inside out. Cancer cells do not like heat. I also fit in a 20 mins steam to help my lungs recover from my smoking abuse. I stopped when I got on that plane 3 weeks ago. It was an easy transition as I had made my mind up. It is the thinking that causes the torture of quitting.

Some staff are evidently not raw foodies as they are typically American overweight. Who would if they didn’t have to? but a good few do. It certainly wouldn’t be my choice, if I had one. I know many say that they would do it if it happened to them, but they can’t say that until they are in that position and have tried it. I am struggling with it, grieving even, to think this is it for the next year or 2 but will do it.

The institute is apparently non profit making! They do have a beautiful 50 acre tropical site to maintain and are constantly keeping up with research on new cutting edge treatments. Basic blood draws are included but more exploratory ones are too tempting to ignore. They have introduced many other therapies and integrative doctors who prescribe various extra tools of IV and oxygen therapies to help speed up the detoxification time and enhance the effects to increase the chances of success. I couldn’t afford most of them which was stressful in itself. They say the diet stands alone. I was awarded a scholarship due to financial hardship and I am truly grateful my friends all contributed to my appeal which got me there. I am a lucky chic to have realised this dream: I had to pinch myself many times. But these extra’s made me feel that if I don’t do what they advise then it may fail. It is a down side. This is really a medical spa for the rich if you did everything on offer. Some check in for long stints.

From the generosity of friends I did manage to have 3 IV therapies of high dose vitamin C mixed with immune boosting nutrients that kill cancer cells and boost the immune system and 2 silver infusions that kill virus’s and bacteria. It felt like a chemo room. It is expensive (along with the cocktail of recommended naturally derived supplements) so I could not complete the recommended 12 infusions but it will have given it a blast. I will find somewhere back in the UK to carry them on somehow. A round of chemotherapy and radiation would cost more than this trip but these are not recognised as bona fide cancer treatments by mainstream medicine so not covered by NHS. There is not enough money to be made in it so no companies will fund studies.

I left Hippocrates yesterday knowing more than ever that healing this god damn scary cancer is possible. Their mission is ‘Helping people help themselves’. They have taught me so much. Feelings have been tossed around and beliefs challenged. My broken spirit is on the mend. I met some very strong like minded amazing people who helped me get through it. There was a central sense of camaraderie, being in it together. Some will become friends for life. I cried as I departed as felt homesick and missed my friends.

But the rebel that I am means the research carries on. I arrived in San Diego last night to move on today to Optimum Health Inst for another 3 week detox who I believe have a more intense personal growth programme. The Yankies are playing here so all the hotels were full so I had to sleep in the airport! Not a great start but I am now at the Sheraton having pool time which feels like a bit of free time. I feel happy with life. It is all up to me. Can I do it. Hell yeah. Will it be easy. Hell no.

Love and Healing.


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9 thoughts on “A Hippocrates summary.

  1. Sonia darling I’m afraid I’m only just reading your fascinating blogs now. We’ve had a busy couple of months with David’s mum over and various trips etc. So interested to hear about your experiences at HHI and OHI. You have done amazingly well so far girl – the healing process has got off to a great start and will continue for the home run! I believe you’re back very shortly so hope to see you soon. Thinking of you and sending our warmest love. Eileen xx

  2. Hi Sonia you are doing really well keep it up keep positive n take all the support u can hopefully will try to get to see you when you get back to the UK.

  3. Well the pools sound amazing, how fantastic they put a minimum on your usage.
    You sound like you are really putting your heart and soul into this, it’s working your words sound peacful. Your defiantly in healing time. I wish I was there sharing the view and hearing about what you learnt, but reading this has made my day. I feel like we were just chatting.
    Keep doing what your doing, where all behind you. I can’t wait to hear about San Diego remember “beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul” enjoy healing and learning x

    • Thanks Tara, I know you are here in my heart. Will speak when back in London, Love you loads. XXO p.s.they didn’t limit use of pools, it was just recommended to do the hot/cold 7 times min to increase circulation. x

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