Californian Sunsets

The Optimum Health Institute (OPI) is a far cry from Hippocrates (HHI). Anne Wigmore, who cured her ovarian cancer naturally, and founded HHI willingly passed on the info to OPI. They have added their own twist to it. It is quite astounding the discrepancies between the therapies and all have amazing success stories. It has all come from qualified professionals but with conflicting info.

Anne Wigmore introduced Rejuvelac from fermented grain that helps with the good bacteria in the gut which apparently is compromised in most illnesses. HHI have stopped using it but they continue here as they do in the Anne Wigmore Inst in Peurto Rico.

Hippocrates have banned tomatoes for healing cancer, here they use loads and it is allowed on Gerson Dietary Therapy. Gerson used loads of carrots, beets, apples and small amounts of other fruit, HHI and OPI have banned them all due to the high sugar content. Gerson use coffee enemas, here and HHI use 1 water enema and 2 wheatgrass implants. Here they recommend Reverse Osmosis water filtration and HHI recommend distilled as they say it is the only one that will take out pharmaceutical drugs.

The detox here is very strict. They plate the food up and it is minute, not even the size of a side salad, and 2 days per week is juice fasting. I am on day 2. At HHI they encourage you to have fresh garlic and herbs, here it is powdered and in such small containers that you can hardly get any out. I am absolutely bloody starving but I am grateful and happy to be experiencing both.

The first day was the usual welcoming and tour stuff which didn’t take long as the campus is quite small, it used to be a motel and they have added a few other buildings. The accommodation they first put me in was shit and shared with a overweight Russian who snored all bloody night. She wanted the noisy air con on and I didn’t. I upgraded to a better room with my own bathroom. I mean all the bum stuff you have to do should be private. I am much happier now.

It looks cheaper at first but everything is extra here. HHI are more sophisticated on the advancement of treatments and include a lot of therapies. The premises and buffet are like a holiday palace in comparison. Sauna’s were dotted all over HHI, they recommend them here to help take toxins away but don’t have one! In case you get low blood pressure from the detox is the explanation. They also recommend to rebound but don’t have any rebounder’s! Also advised is 3 colonics per week (which seems excessive, more research required) to help move toxins out the body, and 3 massages (nice) to help move toxins from the tissues and bring more relaxation and peace of mind. I can’t afford all that so have booked 1 per week on Wednesdays, the 2nd juice fast day to help alleviate symptoms of starvation. Money held me back from doing Gerson 4 years ago and is not going to get in the way again so need to do something about it that complements this healing path. Maybe I should write about these places and their differences.

All emphasise lymphatic exercise and here they have 2 classes per day, I can take one or both, it is a CD with a most annoying voice so don’t think I can bear too much more of that. There is a lovely stretch class in the afternoon that leaves you quite dreamy. They are teaching us Alpha meditation which was created by Jose Silver, which I ironically learnt in the 80’s but didn’t carry it on. It gets you into that alpha state before you sleep where you can apparently access your sub-conscious.

They have taught us all about importance of elimination (enemas and colonics) and detoxing the major organs, the new scary chemical I didn’t know about aside from parabens, flouride is sodium Lauryl Sulphate found in soaps to create lather. It is used in garage floor paint! And damages the immune system so watch out folks.

Gerson says it takes 5 weeks to renew the cells in the liver, HHI say 7 weeks and here they say 8 weeks. Anyway the one thing they all agree upon is that you have to get your body into a high alkaline PH, normal is 7.35 to 7.45, for healing to kick in it needs to be high at about 8.9. All agree that sugar feeds cancer which the hospitals still deny. Lemon is the most alkaline thing you can do so give a good start to your day with lemon water. HHI had jugs of it for breakfast, here they recommend it but don’t give it which I find most odd. Trying to work out if they are just tight but their hearts are in the right place.

The speakers are very credible, they know their subject and engage you fully. There are many stories of people healing grave illnesses. We had a talk from Peg the other night who came here 13 years ago with a terminal diagnosis of 6-9 months to live. She is thriving. She healed her cancer after 4 months here! but remains on a maintenance diet. I will get an appointment with her next week for some advice. Just met a guy from Clapham who has stage 4 kidney cancer, he has been here for 3 months as a missionary and his bloods have improved dramatically and the tumours have shrunk. He is staying for another 3 months.

Last night’s talk was about emotional detoxification. They say emotional detox comes from the physical detox too. I like that there is a huge emphasis on the spiritual and emotional path which was predominantly missing at HHI. This place is attached to a faith but it is not evident and there is thankfully no bible bashing as they accept people of all faiths. I am still worrying about things unfortunately which makes the body acidic so will be good to create a shift in perspective. The Californian sunsets alone bring you one step closer to enlightenment.

Love and Healing.


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15 thoughts on “Californian Sunsets

  1. Sonia, these blogs are incredible and I’m so proud of you making the journey and doing everything you can to recover. You’ve done exactly what you set out to do, by giving this your best shot – I’m thinking of you and am there in spirit, keep going xxxx

  2. Sonia you definately have a flair for writing! These blogs are so informative but the realisation that there are alternative ways to heal from cancer is something that needs to be shouted from the rooftops! You are just the person to do that when you return as you have no doubt gained a wealth of experience on your journey back to health. I have a new juicer and have been experimenting a bit but of course can’t wait to see you and hear all your experiences first hand. Lots of Love and healing thoughts xxxxxx

  3. Sonia your blog moved me,you do not realise how resilient and brave you are to express yourself in the way that you is all part of the healing process that not many people in your position could do. This is probably I realise the most difficult stage right now.but get through this and you are going to be a winner all round. You are undoubtedly a great inspiration to us all. Thinking of you and just keep blogging so we can help you on your journey…lots of love Tina xx

  4. Dearest darling cookie soniacim, I now know more why I love you and am proud to have you as a special friend! Your resolutness…………short and simple. Non of us have the full proof answers to life and our existence. Therefore battling on is our only option except that not everybody knows that and you certainly DO. My dearest. We are here eagerly awaiting for you as and when you are ready. Until than endure all you can The benefits are bound to show. Just believe. Love you Anita (little one) xxx

  5. Hey . You are so inspiring – the rough with the smooth. What a journey girl puts mine to shame but I know – it was just different. Its great to know the differences of the places. And you know sometimes these places put such stringent rules on what you can and cannot do ( they have to as people need some structure when visiting these places it gives them a great basis to work with)- sometimes its what feels right for you after taking away all the absolute nonos that you feel are right for you. This is your journey – your learning on so many levels and when you get back itll be time to put together what feels right for you – Tickets booked now so cant wait to get to see you and share So glad your meeting so many inspirational people that have or are doing it too. Dont put yourself under pressure about the acid/ alkaline – youll be surprised how much of it your doing – this didnt happen over night – it takes time. Remember be kind to you – there are no should and should nots only what you decide at that moment in time is consciously right for you the rest will follow. Oh sunsets my favourite time of day – enjoy them and enjoy being you – See you soon, much love being sent to you through the airwaves xxx

  6. Sonia, this story is a really interesting read, not only in your own personal journey as my close friend to understand the emotional impact this healing is having on you but also on a factual understanding of the body and how you can aid it to heal itself. I’m always interested to hear what foodstuffs are beneficial to a healthier life, I think most of us take for granted the crap we put in our bodies without thinking of the repercussions down the line, as cancer affects so many of us these days and can strike at any time, we should all take heed for your experiences and learning and improve our own digestive journeys.. But from today’s blog tip, I’m definitely going to start drinking more lemon water.. Thank you for being such a fighter and inspiring us all..
    You go girl x

  7. Well – what can I say? On the one hand sounds, well – rubbish! But then you make it sound great. Day 2? – crikey can’t wait to hear about day ten! You absolutely have to share all your learned knowledge with everyone. I did hear that OHI was HHI ‘without the doctors’. At the end of the day – it’s working, whatever ‘IT’ is. You look radiant in the photo from HHI and your blogs give off a much more ‘well informed and balanced, rather than raaaaaaaaaaaaaasghhh! viewpoint’ If I may say! I would love some recipes from you on how to alleviate stress and I will listen to your advice – as will lots of others sufferer’s of lots of other things, I’m sure. How could we not? WELL DONE SONIA BONIA xxxxxxxxxxxx

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